[ COMBO SET ] *IMEC 556 Guard + WIRELESS NANO Spray GUN(*SAFE FOR SKIN, Direct Spraying on Body*) Sanitizer and Disinfectant 5L + Nano Spray Disinfection Mist Handhold GUN
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Product SKU *IMEC 556 Guard + NANO Spray GUN
Size (L x W x H) 30 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm
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  • Sanitizer and disinfectant for surfaces wiping, mopping, spraying and fogging spray.
  • Electronic Nano Disinfectant Handhold Sanitizer Spray Machine Mist Gun Blue Light/Hair Care Steam
  • (*Kill Virus,Spraying Body,Sterlization Surface) - 260ML
  • Contain Quaternary Ammonium Compound that effectively against most of bacteria and viruses such as COVID-19, pseudomonas, salmonella & staphylococcus
  • No rinsing required
  • Suitable for fogging or misting spray, disinfection / sanitation tunnel or station, wiping and mopping
  • Ideal for disinfecting washroom areas, countertop, floors, walls, door knobs, handles, fixtures and fittings
  • Safe on human skin
  • 5Lit / Drum
  • Fragrance : Lemon
  • pH (0.5+): 10 -11
  • Spray on the (Walk-in customer / Staff / Worker) Body or Handto prevent COIV-19
  • ** DO NOT put chemical solution like ALCOHOL as it is DANGEROUS and will cause explosion in the room.
  • High-quality nano spray port, using PA high temperature resistant material, fast fogging, large amount of fog

  • Porous heat dissipation, the device releases a large amount of nano-spray while the fuselage intelligent heat dissipation.
  • Adjust the amount of fog according to the softness
  • Large-capacity water bottle, which can adjust the control time according to the amount of fog.
  • Nano Hair Care Steam Equipment
  • Comfortable grip handle
  • Auto Adjustment 
  • On/Off Switch, Green Light Power Indicator Power charging
  • Anion Nono-Steam Gas Production Mist : 22ml/min
  • Put in disinfectant solution ( Dilut with Water) -Kill Virus ,Sterlization Surface,Sterlization Car Cabin
  • Put in RO water - Can use for Humidify diffuse environment
What's in the box

1 x Imec 556 Guard (5L) + Free Hand Spray 200ml

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